The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd

( 40 x 30 inch oil on canvas)


     The Good Shepherd is the 2nd part of my on going series of the my Glorious Jesus Christ art series, and took me 6 sessions to complete ( 3 weeks total, I paint twice a week by the way ). It was a challenge to paint specially the hands which is a bit tricky with all the angles and shading, and as always it was a learning process. I also used my first Jesus painting portrait as reference on how he would look like. Although I do not claim that this is how he looks like, and I assume that no one really knows how he actually looks like, but I am hoping that we would find out soon.

     Since I got baptized last month on November 2018 to be a follower of Christ, I could not stop thinking about his humbleness and greatness which inspired me strongly to paint him and his glory, I had painted a lot in my 5 years of being self-taught and was not sure why I became so passionate and filled with joy and inspiration whenever I paint. I had that feeling that this was a blessing and a gift from above to create something out of nothing, as if I was being prepared for something special. I always thought that I had a mission in place that I have a message or some sort to share. Although I'm not a man of words, I found painting as a form of communication to inspire, with simple tools such as a brush and a blank canvas, I was able to show how it truly feels within. For the first time in my life I understood my purpose and living it with 1 painting at a time.

     Jesus was a big part of that inspiration and I wanted to be known as that artist who paints his glory. He is our living God and never felt so alive to be on his side. I was so inspired by his words  as Jesus answered " I am the way and the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except through me" - John 14:6. I used that Bible verse to paint a picture. And I imagined him saying that again in this present time.


The Eyes in this painting represent truth and its mostly the first thing you look at when seeing a person. Its also quite difficult to paint as it needs to be balanced and proportionate but once done it really brings the painting to life. I remember even as kid that my mom often tells me that if you want to know if someone is telling the truth, then look them straight into their eyes which tells a lot, and also the eyes serves as a window through the soul.


The hands reaching out, represents "the way" as he is the only way. He even volunteered to be tortured and sacrificed by being nailed to the cross in order for the father to forgive our sins. and even before that day even happened he has showed us His humbleness, humility and the true path to righteousness, his words are so timeless that even in this moment will always be applicable in our everyday lives, with no intentions to be above anyone else but as a common man and by following him we can easily discern the truth.


The life, I used the shepherds staff that he is holding on the left hand to represent this. In John 10:11 Jesus said "I am the Good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep." He gave the promise that " because I live, you also will live" from a life of bondage to sin and death to a life of freedom in eternity.


So how do we follow and honor him today? We start by believing him and the father's word, we follow his foot steps by being Christ like, that's where Christ consciousness come into play. He came down to Earth with such humility, humbleness and love that we are able to follow his ways as we ourselves are capable of fully of loving like him, he was as seed planted 2000 years ago and now more than ever is sprouting in every region on earth. He came to save us from our sins, death can't even hold him, not to compare to others but the only person who suffered till death but able to live again. No one knows when he is coming back but I'm sure when the time is right and the fruits are ready for harvest, that he will bring heaven with him. Now is the right time to have close relationship with him specially in this times that we are very much deceived by the devil using our 5 senses, from all the distractions in life, like the social media, gadgets, fake news, movies, the food that we eat that slowly poisoning us, the water that we drink which is contaminated by chemicals, the things we listen that only has a good beat but no substance but only subliminal negative messages, the people that we used to idolize not even knowing who they really are, nowadays we are being  programmed to be  divided among each other from religions, to race, to families, and now targeting our children and that's what the devil wants. But with Jesus we are united and multiplying, as we come closer to him, we are able to discern the truth, and able to see thru all this lies. He will never fail us, all we need to do is repent our sins, fasting and praying for each other. He truly is the Prince of Peace that breaks the chain that enslaves us, with Him we are able to find peace, love and freedom